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Bees, people, power: how to run a values-led business.

We run our business in a part of East London where the top 3% most deprived people in the UK live side by side with some of the least deprived. As is the case across the UK, one in every six young people aged 16 to 21 is labelled as not in education, employment or training. And it’s grittily urban – in the top 3% of areas most deprived of nature in the UK.

It’s personal for us. One of our directors grew up locally and experienced first-hand the lack of opportunities open to her. One of us saw in a refugee camp in Afghanistan how beekeeping can bring people together. One of us is obsessed by removing boundaries around traditional corporate CSR-type activities.  One of us is passionate about enabling young people to find their individual path instead of churning them through a one-size-fits-all educational system. The list goes on….

Aren’t whales wonderful? Brian Skerry celebrates them in his phenomenal photographs here.  

This Is What We Need To Do To Not Burn Up The Planet.

What actions do countries need to take in order for the world to stay within “safe” global warming limits?

That’s the question a new report tries to answer, and the message isn’t palatable to the business-as-usual crowd. If the planet as a whole is to limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius—the level agreed by scientists to be safe—then the medicine may be quite severe.

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